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Yasmeen Khan

Yasmeen Khan

The Rehearsal Room. An arts and culture blog created and curated by broadcaster/journalist and writer/performer Yasmeen Khan @yasmeenkhan1

October 2013

Welcome to the The Rehearsal Room – a cosy, relaxed, rehearsal space-cum-parlour, in which wordsmithing cousins from all genres talk about their work. Professional writers, performers, musicians, journalists: anyone who peddles words for a living. Or for the pure love of it. Sometimes they’ll talk about their latest play/film/gig. Other times I might sneak a camera into their rehearsals for a preview of their work.

As a writer and performer I enjoy being immersed in all things theatrical and this blog serves as a place to highlight and celebrate new productions and writers. While I have a foot firmly in theatre, as a broadcaster I’m passionate about radio and telly, so there will also be blogs about those too, as well anything else on the creative spectrum that catches my eye – I apologise in advance if that happens to include an over-effusive, deeply personal and slightly-too-long piece about the merits of 1980s cheesy pop music… But fear not, it won’t be just me writing – I look forward to bringing you some guest bloggers.

The Rehearsal Room is an arts and culture blog for artists from a minority background to sit alongside mainstream voices and for emerging voices to mingle with established ones. The first crop of interviews features some big name performers alongside emerging artists and a brand new theatre writer.

On my journey into theatre, I’ve had the good fortune to be supported and encouraged by several theatres, practitioners and fellow artists. I continue to learn about the industry and craft every day and I’m keen to bring other creatives on this journey and help where I can. I’m excited to say that there will be an event with the same ethos as the blog: ‘The Rehearsal Room Presents’ will be a hosted, salon-style night of theatre featuring a combination of rehearsed readings of brand new work, live music, interviews and performances from special guests. I hope it’ll be just like Saturday morning telly used to be back when it was good…just on stage. Click on ‘Events’ for further details.

Thanks for visiting the blog, do drop me a line if you’d like to get in touch. You can find me on Twitter @yasmeenkhan1 and @RehearsalRm


photo by Ross Gamble/Flam Photography